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The success of SeniorCare Physiotherapy certainly did not come overnight.

In fact, it took years of hard work by founder and Director Mr Carlton Lue.  Carlton is an aged care physiotherapist consultant who has provided his service for over 30 reputable aged care facilites since 2003 across Sydney.  His love for aged care extends back to 1999 when he first worked in a nursing home.  He is an expert in aged care who has trained and supervised other physiotherapists in the industry.  Through affiliations with institutions such as Sydney University, he had been and will continue to train university students during their clinical placements.

In his career, he has seen many changes and challenges associated with aged care and has always worked with facilities to bring innovative solutions.  The incorporation of pain management and swelling management with physiotherapy since the change from RCS to ACFI in 2008 is an example.  Another challenge he has observed is the desperate need for better physiotherapy service in many other facilities across Sydney.  Many residents are simply missing out.

That is why SeniorCare Physiotherapy was established, to meet the growing need of our aging population.

"Our purpose is to serve the wider elderly community by providing resident-focused physiotherapy service of the highest quality with values of love, compassion, respect and encouragement."


Our Focus

We endeavour to become a leading aged care physiotherapy provider by providing client-focused service of the highest quality. We are committed to enriching the lives of the residents in aged care facilities by maintaining or improving their level of function, pain and ultimately their independence. Read more...


Our seniors deserve the best - personalised physiotherapy

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